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Ball on a String

These balls are made by our staff, they are solid rubber and one of the best motivational tool on the market.

Price- $ 10.00 each

(may not be style shown)

5' Leather Leash

Price$- $22.00



Detector Leash

Price- $20.00

Nylon Tracking Harness

15' Tracking Nylon Line

Price- $

30' Tracking Nylon Line

Price- $

Furminator 4" Brush - Giant Size

Price- $48.00

Harddog Requisites Bite Sleeve with Cover

Price- $275.00

Harddog Requesities Slammer Muzzle

Price- $175.00

Von der haus Gill German Shepherds T-Shirts

Price- $15.00

Von der haus Gill German

Von der haus Gill German Shepherds Water Bottle

Price- $10.00

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